my name is selma and I like stupid bands (i was jehaislefutur)

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domsimper asked: tupac shakur rest in peace he was the best my respect ye cmon


(frick ive forgotten so much)

domsimper asked: business

we dont wanna war, ay cmon

Anonymous asked: How you been?, it's good to know about you

good thanks lmao!! a bit bored at times but it’s pretty cool it’s not too hot like it usually is so im happy about that, i miss sweden a bit as usual tho

why is it good to know about me tho my life is so boring lmao

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Tame Impala @ The Albert Hall, Manchester

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hello i’m alive

update: new photos (still montenegro)



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Flashbulb Eyes // Arcade Fire

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Château de Champ-sur-Marne, France.


hex girlfriend

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is it just me


or does this dog look like leonardo dicaprio

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kind of burnt my back